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Schools of therapy/therapeutic approaches at kbo-Kinderzentrum München

Montessori Therapy

This concept was developed into an independent form of therapy on the basis of experiences in integrative education at the Munich Children's Centre. Brigitte Schumann and Lore Anderlik were significant colleagues in this process. An advanced training in Montessori therapy is now offered.

(c) Photo: montessoricentenary.org

Orff music therapy

Orff music therapy was integrated into the sociopaediatric treatment concept from 1970 onwards in order to support the emotional development of the children. It has its musical roots in the Orff School System. Its application in a sociopaediatric setting led to the development of specific indications and objectives for music therapy and to a focus on the developmental processes of the children affected.
A part-time course in Orff music therapy is offered at the Munich Children's Centre.

© Photo: Isolde Ohlbaum

The Vojta Principle

The Vojta Principle was created from the discovery of "reflex locomotion" and covers diagnosis and treatment. Vojta therapy is a basic therapy for the treatment of motor development disorders and was integrated into the sociopaediatric treatment concept of the Children's Centre from 1975 onwards. Advanced training courses in the Vojta Principle for physiotherapists and doctors have been offered at the Children's Centre from the start.

(c) Photo: kbo-Kinderzentrum München 2005

Castillo-Morales® therapy

Castillo-Morales (R) therapy was integrated into the sociopaediatric treatment concept in 1981. The therapy is used at the Children's Centre primarily in cases of mouth motor disorders by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.

(c) Bild: Kinderzentrum München 1983

Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy

Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy was integrated into the sociopaediatric treatment concept by Kristiane Kull from 1988 onwards and became an important element in occupational therapy for children with a wide range of developmental disorders and disabilities.

(c) Photo: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anna_Jean_Ayres

Munich Crying Baby Clinic

The Munich Crying Baby Outpatient Clinic was integrated into the sociopaediatric treatment concept in 1990. This service offers diagnosis and advice to parents of children with early childhood regulation disorders. It has led to research into regulation disorders and attachment disorders in early childhood and an advanced training curriculum in integrative parent-infant/child advice and psychotherapy.

(c) Photo: kbo-Kinderzentrum München 2011