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Our guiding principles


About us


The kbo-Kinderzentrum München is part of the Clinics of Upper Bavaria (kbo). In line with the kbo brand essence "Safety - proximity - diversity", we diagnose, treat, monitor, care for, support and protect children and young people aged 0 to 18 years, not only in Munich but also far beyond the borders of Bavaria.

With our qualified specialists, we promote the health of our younger and older patients and their families suffering from developmental disorders, physical and mental disabilities and chronic illnesses with the aim of enabling them to participate actively and independently in everyday life.

What is IMPORTANT to us

We offer our patients and their families, within the scope of diagnosis and treatment and in stressful everyday situations, a place where they can feel reassured and supported - they are welcome here at any time, irrespective of their sociocultural origin, religion or language. Here, all children and their families, their companions, external partners and our staff are treated with respect, empathy and tolerance using communication that they can understand.

The protection and health care of our child patients, but also the safety of our staff, are the top priorities here.

What makes us different

We have been pioneers in sociopaediatrics for more than 50 years and offer the broadest range of treatments in Germany, both as regards our diagnosis and treatment possibilities and in terms of our special treatment sessions. In our Specialist Sociopaediatric Clinic and the Sociopaediatric Centre (SPZ), we work in multiprofessional teams made up of doctors, psychologists, the care and parenting service, therapists and socio-educationalists. These are comprehensively supported by our administration and service staff.

Important foundations for our life together here are respect for our colleagues, loyalty, constructive criticism, self-reflection and transparent procedures.

We prepare individual treatment plans for our patients in close cooperation with their families and applying the latest evidence-based diagnostic and treatment methods and professional standards. We benefit here from our links with the University Department of Sociopaediatrics, other kbo companies and a wide range of specialist companies, experts and networks.

To make sure that our team members maintain their professional skills, we provide an extensive range of advanced training and continuing professional development opportunities. 

We are an attractive, reliable employer for our staff and offer flexible worktime models with a view to better combining a family and a career, plus additional health and leisure facilities.


Our patients are at the core and centre of our day-to-day work. We are constantly working on improving our treatments and optimising our procedures so that, despite the general economic conditions, the focus continues in future to be on the child's welfare and time for individual care and support.

With our new building and extension, we not only want to set new standards in medical treatment but also focus increasingly on digitised working procedure and a modern working environment.

Our staff are the key to our success, and so the satisfaction of our team, employee retention and employee recruitment are central elements of our vision.