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Specialist Sociopaediatric Clinic


In our specialist Sociopaediatric Clinic, we care for around 850 children and young people as in-patients each year. 45 beds and some parent overnight accommodation facilities are available for this on the two wards (children's ward and parent-child ward).


Our children's ward:

  • Group structure: 5 groups of 4-5 children plus a parent (both parents in the case of pre-school children)
  • Specialist teams: Paediatric doctors, psychologists, care and parenting service, socio-educational experts
  • Treatment concept: In-depth work with parents, daily structure, work in small groups, individual therapies, support and promotion of parent-child relationship
  • Focal points: Parent-child interaction and behaviour, serious feeding disorders and failure to thrive.

Our parent-child ward:

  • Patients: Children (0-18 years) accompanied by parents
  • Treatment concept: Intense therapeutic work with the children and support/guidance of parents, interaction therapy, special treatment concept for young adults with serious multiple disability
  • Close interdiscipinlinary collaboration
  • Focus: Diagnosis and treatment of motion disorders, developmental and behavioural disorders plus speech disorders and autism

When is in-patient treatment indicated?

  • The results of outpatient treatment are not satisfactory.
  • The diagnostic classification of the symptoms is not sufficiently successful as an outpatient.
  • There is a need for crisis intervention due to acute deterioration of the symptoms or the psychosocial situation.

Treatment focal points:

  • Motor skills: Motor development disorders and serious multiple disabilities, cerebral palsy, circumscribed developmental disorders of the motor functions
  • Cognition: Mental developmental disorders, impairment of intelligence, activity and attention disorders
  • Hearing & speech: Intensive speech therapy for speech development disorders, VEDIT treatment with cochlear implants
  • Interaction & behaviour: Early childhood disruption of behaviour regulation, feeding disorders, behavioural and interactive disorders, emotional development disorders, relationship and attachment disorders, autism spectrum disorders
  • Skills acquisition and coping: Cerebral seizures, genetic syndromes, chronic illnesses

We work on an interdisciplinary basis in a multi-professional team comprising paediatrians, psychologists, caring and parenting services, therapists and socio-educational expers, using therapies individually tailored to the needs of the child and the family (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, speech therapy, Montessori therapy, etc.). The essential hallmark of diagnosis and treatment is a family-oriented, networked approach that combines a number of methods.

The parents are the most important reference persons and are integrated at all points. It is possible for both parents/one parent to be treated in the adult psychiatric in-house day-care clinic.