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Adult Psychiatric Day-Care Clinic at the kbo-Kinderzentrum München

in cooperation with the kbo-Isar-Amper Clinic, Munich Region

  • You would like to be there for your child but feel that you yourself need help?
  • You have the feeling that there is absolutely nothing in your life apart from caring for your child?
  • You only want the best for your child, but you've run out of strength and are exhausted?
  • You worry, because you simply can't build up a relationship wih your child?

Children need their parents or caregivers if they are going to develop properly and healthily. But what sounds so simple and obvious is not always easy to achieve, especially if parents feel stressed and overburdened and actually have the feeling that they need help and support themselves.

This is often the case in particular in pregnancy and childbirth and during the first years of the baby's life. Then, if we factor in an illness or disorder on the part of the child, it can quickly happen that the parent themself feels sick, helpless and overwhelmed by worries and fears. This in turn affects the parent-child relationship. With our services, we would like to help you to find a way out of this negative spiral - for yourself, for your child and especially for the two of you together.

Many parents suffer from the symptoms of mental stress and states of total exhaustion. Sleepless nights, the constant crying of the child or feeding problems are frequent causes. Over 1 in 10 mothers suffer from depression in the first year of their child's life. To help you to become healthy in this respect, the kbo-Kinderzentrum München, in association with the kbo-Isar-Amper Clinic, has set up a day-care clinic.
This is able to offer supportive psychiatric and psychotherapeutic therapy for parents. If your child is being treated at the same time in the kbo- Kinderzentrum München, the times of both therapies are coordinated in order to maximise the synergistic effects of both treatments.

What we offer

  • Medical and psychological group therapy and individual therapy
  • Treatment with disorder-specific medication
  • Socio-educational support and advice
  • Supportive treatment methods such as acupuncture
  • A broad spectrum of complementary therapies such as mindfulness and relaxation methods

How can I register?

For admission/outpatient treament, please contact the ward by telephone to arrange a preliminary discussion.
Telephone | +49(0)89 71009-262