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Collaboration concepts and partners


The kbo-Kinderzentrum München works closely and constructively with a range of medical and non-medical facilities for the good of its patients. The close collaboration between the kbo-Kinderzentrum München and various external institutions guarantees the best possible care for our patients and their relatives. The interdisciplinary, interdepartmental concept of the kbo-Kinderzentrum München calls for close networking with cooperation partners in the fields of medicine, health care and youth welfare.
We are in constant contact with practising paediatricians and other clinics based in greater Munich. In addition, we have in-depth working contacts with youth and social welfare offices, early development facilities, nursery schools, schools and homes. Advice centres and parent self-help groups in the city and surrounding area are also important contact partners. 


Our partners are:

  • Practising paediatricians 
  • Other sociopaediatric centres 
  • Children's clinics 
  • Paediatric surgery clinics 
  • Munich-Schwabing Children's Clinic (Internet)
  • Clinic for Ear, Nose and Throat Therapy, Head and Neck Surgery, Schwabing Clinic (Internet)
  • Clinic for Child and Youth Psychiatry - Heckscher Klinik (Internet
  • Clinic of the University of Munich, City Centre - Orthodontics, Dental Clinic, Phoniatry and Paedo-Audiology (Internet
  • University Clinic Munich-Großhadern - Child Cardiology, Child Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Neonatology and Intensive Medicine  (Internet)
  • ENT clinic of LMU, Großhadern - Audiological Department, Radiology, Clinical Chemistry (Internet
  • Klinikum Rechts der Isar - ENT, Phoniatry, Paedo-audiology (Internet
  • Practising doctors, psychologists and therapists
  • Youth offices, welfare offices, health offices, advice centres 
  • Parent self-help groups 
  • Welfare benefit bodies 
  • Nursery schools and schools 
  • Support centres, special schools, early development centres 
  • Schools for the deaf and hearing impaired, schools for children with speech defects, paedo-audiological advice centres 
  • Children's daycare centres 
  • Supervisors 
  • For patients from elsewhere, local facilities

Special cooperations:

  • Theodor Hellbrügge Foundation (Internet)
  • Kind im Schatten e.V.
  • Hildegard Mühlich - painter (Internet)
  • Kinder im Zentrum - Für Kinder e.V. (Internet)
  • Kinderorthopädie Aschau (Internet)
  • Endowment Chair at Munich Technical University (Internet)
  • Schwabing Clinic (Internet)
  • ICP München (Internet)
  • Deutsche Akademie für Entwicklungsförderung und Gesundheit des Kindes und Jugendlichen e.V. (Internet)
  • Schön Klinik Vogtareuth (Internet)
  • Phoenix (Internet
  • Centre for Human Genetics and Laboratory Diagnostics of Dr. Klein, Dr. Rost and Colleagues (Internet)
  • GlücksAnker  - Verein für Eltern im kbo-Kinderzentrum München e.V. (Internet)

The kbo-Kinderzentrum München cooperates with a vast range of medical and non-medical institutions. Of particular importance to us is our cooperation with parent self-help groups who support families with children with disabilities, illnesses and syndromes (e.g. Kindernetzwerk e. V., Achse e. V.).