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Sozialpädiatrisches Zentrum (SPZ) in Schwabing

Since August 2011, the kbo-Kinderzentrum München, in cooperation with the Children's Clinic Munich Schwabing, has been running a second site with the aim of improving the care of children with disabilities, developmental problems and chronic illnesses in North Munich and the surrounding area.

The history of the SPZ in Schwabing:

  • August 2011: Opening of the Sociopaediatric Centre (SPZ) in the Children's Clinic Munich Schwabing with the aim of improving the care of children with disabilities, developmental problems and chronic illnesses in North and East Munich
  • From September 2011: Establishment of a wide range of special treatment units in cooperation with the Schwabing Children's Clinic
  • May 2014: Founding of the training centre in order to be able to offer patient and family training courses, especially for rare diseases
  • From June 2014: Carrying out of parallel scientific studies to evaluate individual treatment offers and training programmes in cooperation with the University Department of Sociopaediatrics
  • January 2018: Approval as an independent SPZ
  • Mid-2018: Lease of new premises to be able to add occupational therapy (ergotherapy), speech therapy, music therapy and welfare services to the range of advice and treatments offered

Focal areas of the work of the SPZ in Schwabing:

  • Carrying out investigations relating to developmental neurology, neuropaediatrics and developmental psychology
  • Clarifying the causes and assessing the prognosis for developmental and behavioural disorders
  • Diagnosing indications for therapy and support measures, and assessing their effectiveness
  • Assistance with social integration and integration in nursery school and school
  • Supporting measures for assisting integration
  • Advising and supporting parents to promote parenting skills
  • Supporting measures for assisting integration
  • Biofeedback therapy
  • Interdisciplinary sociopaediatric therapy with the focus on occupational therapy (ergotherapy), speech therapy and music therapy
  • Provision of advice by the welfare services

What specialist services are offered in Schwabing?

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How do I get to the SPZ Schwabing?

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kbo-Kinderzentrum München in the Children's Clinic Munich-Schwabing
Parzivalstraße 16
80804 München

 We are located in House 22 and House 9. Please refer to your invitation letter to find out in which house your treatment will take place.

How to get to House 22:
At the entrance on Parzivalstraße 16, please turn left after about 20 metres towards no. 22. You will see a sign in this entrance area.

How to get to House 9:
You reach House 9 via Isoldenstraße 17. Walk straight ahead past the Städtisches Haus für Kinder. After about 100 metres you will find House 9 on the left-hand side. 

The Schwabing Children's Clinic can be reached by public transport
Bus 140, bus stop 'Parzivalplatz'
Bus 142, bus stop 'Heckscherstraße'
Tram 28, tram stop 'Karl-Theodor-Straße'


Telefon: 089 71009-1901
E-Mail: spz-schwabing(at)kbo.de