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Spielbrett mit aufeinandergestsapelten Würfeln

Additional facilities in kbo-Kinderzentrum München

To make in-patient treatment here as pleasant as possible for you and your child, we offer a range of additional facilities in addition to therapy at kbo-Kinderzentrum München.

Art therapy with artist Hildegard Mühlich

Art therapy with the artist and painter Hildegard Mühlich has been a core feature of the facilities offered at kbo-Kinderzentrum München for over 20 years. Once a fortnight, Hildegard Mühlich visits the clinic on Friday and Saturday to paint with the children and their parents. Art therapy is not just a way of filling time between treatments – in many cases it plays a major role in rehabilitation.
We would like express our particular gratitude to the Association "Kinder im Zentrum - Für Kinder e.V.", which has been continuously supporting the project financially since it started.

Support from the "Green Ladies"

Crafting, playing, painting, comforting – "Helpfulness, enthusiasm, time" are the key words for the "Green Ladies" who have been helping us at kbo-Kinderzentrum München for many years. The ladies are volunteers from the St John's Aid Community (JHG) in Munich and the Protestant and Ecumenical Hospital Volunteers. Every day from Monday to Friday, between 10 am and midday, the "Green Ladies" paint, play and craft with the children on the Parent and Child Ward between treatments, which gives the parents a break during these times.

Pastoral care in kbo-Kinderzentrum München

Listening – comforting – strengthening hope – staying with people through pain and worry – ordering thoughts – letting feelings flow freely.
Pastoral care in kbo-Kinderzentrum is intended for all patients and staff at kbo-Kinderzentrum München, irrespective of religious denomination. It is based mainly on dialogue, but also offers events such as story hours, worship services or celebrations of special occasions such as St Nicholas' Day or St Martin's Day.

Picture caption: Extract from image of "Blaues Bild für die Kinder“;e.lin (Erwin F. Wiegerling) 2008. The full picture can be seen in the Pastoral Care Room on the 3rd floor.

Playground and tips for excursions

For the moment, the large playground has had to make way for the building site for the new building and the extension. However, it has since been possible to reconstruct all the play facilities such as the sandpit with water game, nest swings and slide around the container, so that they can now be used again.
In addition, all the wards provide full information about weekend leisure activities and excursions on a large and small scale in the area surrounding the kbo-Kinderzentrum.

The kbo-Kinderzentrum audio drama: Kibo's Adventures on the High Seas

Exclusively for our young patients. Come with us and join Kibo the little beetle on his adventures on the high seas.

A free short story as an audio drama (In German language) for young and old.

Chapter 1 "Cardiff"

Chapter 2 "Der goldene Anker"

Chapter 3 "Die alte Pelikan"

Chapter 4 "Die Schildkröteninsel"

Chapter 5 "Die Schatzhöhle"

Chapter 6 "Die Black Raven"

Chapter 7 "Cardiff Castel"

Guest WiFi

Free WiFi is available for our patients and their families on the wards at kbo-Kinderzentrum München.

Access information is provided on site. Please note the Conditions of Use.