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Socio-paediatric syndromology sessions at the kbo-Kinderzentrum


Across the globe, 1-2% of all babies are born with a genetic anomaly that leads to a developmental disorder.


For some of these children, a named syndrome is diagnosed during their childhood (such as Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, Noonan syndrome, Kabuki syndrome, etc.). Others are only provided with a genetic result in which the genetic factor causing the developmental disorder is described.

Whether named or unnamed, most genetic developmental disorders are associated with anomalies of individual organs (e.g. epilepsy, impaired immunity), growth (e.g. microsomia), behaviour (e.g. eating disorders, sleeping problems or anomalies in social behaviour) and/or individual development areas (e.g. language development disorders).

What is the aim of the syndromal sessions?

We aim to observe the children presented to us from as many viewpoints as possible - which is why we offer interdisciplinary support. Our team includes specialists from the departments of paediatry, psychology, speech therapy, music therapy and physiotherapy.

The focus of the planned follow-up sessions is on both developmental and medical matters and also the quality of life and everyday activities of the family.
It is also important to us to inform our patients about the latest research developments.

How are the syndromal sessions structured?

Our patients come to us with different syndromal illnesses and are affected to different degrees. Every new patient is therefore allocated an appointment with a doctor who can discuss with the parents what support the patient and family currently need.

In the interdisciplinary session for our youngest patients in their 1st and 2nd year of life, in addition to the medical and psychological examination, we also include a diagnostic music therapy consultation.

Patients with complex disorders aged 3 or more are often seen in the interdisciplinary session with a physiotherapy consultation and speech therapy diagnosis alongside the medical and psychological examination.

Naturally, the entire range of diagnostic and therapeutic services of the kbo-Kinderzentrum is available to our patients, including the possibility of developing an individual care plan.

How can I register?

Tel: +49(0)89 71009-0 (Secretariat)
e-mail: SPZ.KIZ(at)kbo.de