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Patient mit Down Syndrom bei Therapie

One chromosome more – and yet everything's balanced

We support and care for children with Down's syndrome and their families


The development opportunities for children with Down's syndrome, or trisomy 21, have never been as good as they are today.


At the kbo-Kinderzentrum München, a wide range of specialists in child development work closely together. Their aim is to work together to assess the individual situation of the children and their potential.

For us, the focus is on the child as an individual and his or her family.  Because we are familiar with the special characteristics associated with the syndrome, yet also know how wide the spectrum is, we offer long-term support for children with trisomy 21 aged 0-18 years at individual intervals.

In this way, we can highlight development tasks and treatment options for the individual child at the right time and specifically coordinate any recommended measures.

In our Trisomy 21 sessions, a detailed medical history is recorded by a team of doctors and psychologists working with the parents. The child is examined physically and a developmental diagnosis is carried out. The focus here is on physical anomalies and cognitive and linguistic communication development, but we also include aspects such as independence, social development, particular behavioural and interactional characteristics, support and encouragement in nursery school and school and inclusion.

There is also the possibility of an investigation of mouth motor function, advice from a speech therapist and instruction in Montessori therapy.

For older children, separate appointments with doctors and psychologists are arranged, with the option of intelligence diagnosis.

In the team, the recommendations for support priorities in the near future are worked out and medical recommendations provided according to AWMF guidelines (e.g. recommendations about the routine blood sampling to be carried out via the paediatrician).

Additional therapy options and advice services available in the kbo-Kinderzentrum München

(in cooperation with external attending physicians, therapists and funding facilities):


  • Genetics
  • Paedo-audiology
  • Orthopaedic technology aids session
  • Sensorimotor sessions
  • Mouth motor sessions
  • Treatment for transition to adult support
  • Appointment with child and youth psychiatrists


  • Comprehensive development diagnosis
  • Intelligence diagnosis
  • Behavioural advice
  • Individual advice also provided for parents

Welfare service

  • Compensation for disadvantages
  • Disability card
  • Care allowance
  • Bavarian state care allowance
  • Tax advantages
  • Support with the search for suitable facilities and clarification of payment of costs and guardianship law
  • Advice on family relief facilities

Therapy departments

  • Short-term therapies or diagnostics meetings in Physiotherapy (also orofacial therapy based on the Castillo Morales® concept, manual medicine)
  • Occupational therapy (including sensory integration according to Jean Ayres, feeding guidance)
  • Montessori therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Detailed speech therapy diagnosis and advice
  • Intense in-patient treatment and consultancy (parent-child ward or children's ward)

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Special trisomy sessions


Dr. med. Tatjana Scheel (Specialist in child and youth medicine, therapist for the Castillo Morales® concept)


Home Treatment

Dr. med. Aynur Damli-Huber (Specialist in child and youth medicine)

e-mail: aynur.damli-huber(at)kbo.de



Telephone +49(0)89 71009-211
e-mail: SPZ.KIZ(at)kbo.de