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Psychological diagnostics and psychotherapy

Psychological diagnostics and psychotherapy are an important service at the kbo-Kinderzentrum München within the framework of the sociopaediatric treatment concept. The activity of the qualified psychologists and psychological psychotherapists in the SPZ (Sociopaediatric Centre) and in the Specialist Sociopaediatric Clinic requires a wide range of skillse in the fields of clinical developmental psychology, neuropsychology, psychodiagnostics, along with clinical psychology and psychotherapy.

In their work with children and young people with developmental disorders and impairments, our team members are able to draw on their sound clinical experience and compreheneisve expertise in advising, supporting and helping the families concerned.

Among our most important tasks are the assessment of developmental progress and the prediction of developments.

Our main areas of work in the SPZ and the Specialist Sociopaediatric Clinic are:

  • Comprehensive developmental diagnostic examination and observation of child development, and in-depth consultation with parents
  • Early detection and early treatment of developmental disorders in the first years of life
  • Developmental psychological follow-up care of children after premature and high-risk births and in-depth parental advice and support of family
  • In-progress diagnosis and treatment planning for the outlined development disorders and socio-emotional disorders in pre-school and school age plus long-term follow-up care into adolescence
  • Causal clarification and treatment of regulation disorders in early childhood, especially feeding disorders, sleep disorders and early adjustment disorders, developmental diagnostic clarification, parental advice, parent-infant psychotherapy as outpatients and in the clinic
  • Developmental diagnosis and developmental follow-up care of children and adolescents with mental and multiple disabilities
  • Developmental investigation and treatment planning for children and adolescents with genetic syndromes
  • Comprehensive expertise in neuropsychological diagnostics and treatment planning in the case of children with speech development disorders and hearing disorders (especially after cochlear implant treatment)
  • Neuropsychological investigation and treatment of pre-school and school-age children with acquired brain damage and in the case of chronic illnesses
  • Clarification of causes and decisions regarding treatment options in the case of combined school performance disorders and learning disorders, activity and attention disorders, neurofeedback therapy
  • Investigation and treatment of autistic children especially in the early development phases
  • Broadly based special skills in child and adolescent psychotherapy, the therapeutic support of parents in handling their special child and psychotherapy with adults, especially within the framework of the clinic
  • Developmental psychological and psychotherapeutic follow-up care of children with psychosomatic disorders and with chronic illnesses involving secondary adjustment disorders.

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