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Development-oriented music therapy

What is music therapy?

By playfully handling various instruments, children can enjoy music and movement. They experience music with all their senses and learn to enter into a self-confident dialogue with their environment with the support of music therapy.

In music therapy, the music and/or musical elements such as sound, rhythm, melody and harmony are used by qualified music therapists to achieve specific development targets.
Functional, social, emotional, linguistic and communicative development processes are taken into consideration, along with the child's family environment.

Why is music therapy used?

Music therapy is suitable for building up and improving the following, for example:

  • verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • emotional expressiveness
  • contact and relationship behaviour
  • stamina and concentration
  • self-confidence and self-awareness
  • perception and creativity
  • self-initiative and independent action
  • motivation to take the initiative

How is music therapy carried out?

The development of the individual child forms the central basis for structuring the therapy. All children are actively involved in what is happending, in line with their abilities.

The music therapy is provided individually and in small groups. You, as parents, may be included in the therapy session. You can also ask questions immediately after the therapy sessions.

How can children access music therapy?

The basic precondition for prescribing music therapy is the differentiated diagnosis provided by doctors and psychologists. These considerations form the basis for an indication through which the child is registered for music therapy.

The therapists formulate the therapy objectives using their observations from the first session. The progress of the therapy is reviewed at regular intervals and further measures are discussed with the doctors and psychologists.

How can I register?

Telephone | +49 89 71009-0
E-Mail | musiktherapie.kiz-hhs(at)kbo.de