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Outpatient and inpatient services

Our team of experienced speech therapists offers diagnostics and advice for the following disorder patterns:

  • Speech development disorder
  • Speech development impairment (e.g. with syndromes)
  • Articulation disorder (phonetic and phonological problems)
  • Verbal development dyspraxia
  • Communication disorders
  • Stuttering, cluttering
  • Rhinophony
  • Dysphonia
  • Myofunctional disorder
  • Impaired swallowing and feeding disorder
  • Audiogenic speech development disorder (e.g. children with hearing aids or CI)

Our inpatient services - intensive speech therapy

Main areas of treatment

  • Articulation therapy based on VEDiT® in the case of severe articulation disorders (e.g. verbal development dyspraxia, phonological disorder)
  • Therapy for communication disorders using Supported Communication (e.g. electronic communication devices, picture card systems, gestures that reinforce the spoken message)
  • Hearing training in the case of audiogenic speech development disorder 
  • Advice and close integration of accompanying persons into the therapeutic work

Time frame:

Generally, admission as an inpatient for two weeks


  • Registration
  • Outpatient diagnosis logopaedics and paediatric audiology beforehand
  • Admission with one accompanying person

Our outpatient services

  • Standardised diagnosis taking overall development into account
  • Individual observation of communication skills
  • Provision of comprehensive advice and guidance with regard to measures to promote speech and possible therapeutic approaches
  • Interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration

How can I register?

Telephone | +49 89 71009-394
E-Mail | logopaedie.kiz-hhs(at)kbo.de