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Baby mit Regulationsstörungen

Munich Crying Baby Outpatient Clinic

Germany's first outpatient clinic for crying babies was established at the kbo-Kinderzentrum München in 1991.

Ever since its early beginnings, the kbo-Kinderzentrum München has devoted itself to the early diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders and the threat of disability. 
Within the specialist field of "early development and communication", we offer a specialist service for children with developmental risks or anomalies up to the age of three.

Here, paediatricians and developmental psychologists work closely and flexibly together.
If necessary, social services, diagnostics departments (sensomotory, paediatric audiology, genetics, EEG, neurophysiology) and/or therapy departments (physiotherapy, manual therapy, ergotherapy, Montessori, music therapy, speech department) at the kbo-Kinderzentrum München are also involved.

Investigation, advice, treatment and support

  • Delayed motor development, combined development disorders, suspected mental development disorders
  • Neuropaediatric illnesses
  • Genetically related illnesses
  • Behavioural anomalies
  • Autistic disorders
  • Follow-up care of premature and high-risk births

Jointly with the "Munich Crying Babies Unit" department:

  • Early regulation disorders with excessive crying and chronic restlessness
  • Problems with going to sleep and sleeping through in early childhood
  • Parent-infant/toddler psychotherapy
  • Feeding and eating disorders and failure to thrive

Inpatient treatment of children with regulation and feeding disorders in infant/toddler age groups

If outpatient therapy is insufficient, we can admit children and one parent on an inpatient basis in the case of

  • severe feeding disorders and failure to thrive in early childhood, e.g. with chronic illnesses (including feeding tube weaning),
  • early childhood behavioural and regulation disorders, e.g. excessive crying or excessive defiance
  • persistent problems with going to sleep and sleeping through
  • severe stress on or disruption of the parent-child bond and relationship
  • Getting healthy together: possibility of treating the parents/a parent in the in-house adult psychiatric day clinic (in collaboration with the Isar-Amper Clinic)

The focus is on the parent-child relationship.
Our goal is to strengthen the skills and competence of the child and its parents through outpatient and inpatient therapy.

How can I register?

Telephone | +4989 71009-283
Telephone | +4989 71009-396

In akuten Fällen am Abend erreichen Sie das Krisentelefon für Schreibabys freitags, samstags und sonntags von 19 bis 22 Uhr unter
Telefon: 0800 7100900 (kostenfrei)