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Schreiendes Baby

Crisis phone line - First aid for parents with a crying infant

  • Does your baby cry or whine for hours despite your best efforts to soothe it?
  • Are you fed up with hearing all the good advice offered because it only makes you feel worse?
  • Instead of looking forward to having your baby, now that it has been born, do you increasingly feel exhausted, helpless, despairing or even angry?

Our services (advice and discussion fees) are free of charge for you.

We offer initial stages of advice in dealing with endless crying and other ongoing problems.

A call to the crisis phone line cannot replace specialist advice or treatment. We are happy to provide the addresses of advice centres near you.

How do I reach the crisis phone line?

The crisis telephone is manned on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7 to 10 pm.
Telephone | 0800 7100900 (free of charge in Germany)