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Mitarbeiterin Kliniken des Bezirks Oberbayern

Why I like working here

Interview with our music therapist Uschi Sutter


What makes working as a music therapist in the kbo-Kinderzentrum so special?
If music is particularly important in life, if you love working with children, if you have fun working together in a team of like-minded people, if the equipment in the attractive rooms is extensive and if you have the opportunity to be creative - then you've really hit the jackpot in your career.


What has been your personal highlight to date of working with your young patients and their parents?
A little girl with tetra spastic cerebral palsy sat bending forwards on the Bigbom (large slit drum). The playing of the strong wooden tongues creates a warm, deep, sonorous sound that you can actually feel through the vibration of the wood. As treatment progressed, playing and singing increasingly encouraged her slowly to lift her upper body, and even to emit little sounds in time and improve more and more. Towards the end, we sang together, she was totally upright and was able to walk in eye contact. This experience affected me very deeply.

What role does team work have to play in your department?
Team work is an important, valuable aspect. Firstly, we always work in pairs in the group therapies, and secondly, daily interaction is an essential, important factor in all respects. Above all, I must say that I am privileged to work in a wonderful team characterised by mutual respect, appreciation and supportive interaction as a matter of course. Collaboration in an interdisciplinary team with interaction through team meetings, visiting sessions or case discussions is also an important part of my everyday life. At the kbo-Kinderzentrum, music therapy enjoys a very high priority because of the clinic's transparent working methods over many years.