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Animal-Assisted Therapy

Since 2016, the kbo-Kinderzentrum München has also offered animal-assisted therapy. The special training of Leo the therapy dog was made possible thanks to the active support of many animal-loving don

Social Service

Social Service We're here ... for families facing existing or potential social, personal, family and financial worries and problems: that need to be discussed within the scope of their child's treatme

sEMG Biofeedback

What is biofeedback therapy? In sEMG (surface electromyographic) biofeedback therapy, the activity of a muscle is measured. To do this, electrodes are applied to the skin covering the muscle and the m

Crying Baby Outpatient Clinic

Munich Crying Baby Outpatient Clinic Germany's first outpatient clinic for crying babies was established at the kbo-Kinderzentrum München in 1991. Ever since its early beginnings, the kbo-Kinderzentru

Psychological Diagnostics and Psychotherapy

Psychological diagnostics and psychotherapy Psychological diagnostics and psychotherapy are an important service at the kbo-Kinderzentrum München within the framework of the sociopaediatric treatment


Physiotherapy From gripping to grasping - What is physiotherapy? Physiotherapy is based on an analysis of the posture, movement patterns and perceptive faculties of the patient. The mobility and funct

Music Therapy

Development-oriented music therapy What is music therapy? By playfully handling various instruments, children can enjoy music and movement. They experience music with all their senses and learn to ent

Montessori Therapy

Montessori Therapy What is the basis of Montessori Therapy? Montessori Therapy focuses on the child's personality, its integrated development and its social environment. The motto of Montessori Therap


Logopaedics Outpatient and inpatient services Our team of experienced speech therapists offers diagnostics and advice for the following disorder patterns: Speech development disorder Speech developmen

Hearing - Speaking - Cochlear Implants

Hearing - Speaking - Cochlear Implants After a severe hearing disorder (innner ear deafness) has been diagnosed, the first thing that is done immediately is the fitting of hearing aids. If it is found