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Neurofibromatosis sessions


What is neurofibromatosis?


Neurofibromatosis is one of the commonest genetic disorders. As with all diseases in the category of what are called neurocutaneous syndromes, it is characterised  by a combination of changes to the skin and to the nervous system (central and peripheral). Alongside specific medical complications, those affected very often also show some "typical" neuro-psychological and neuro-motor partial performance disorders (circumscribed developmental disorders of coarse and fine motor functions, language and speech disorders, attention disorders, autism spectrum disorders, behavioural anomalies, learning difficulties and problems with school performance). This is therefore a pathology for which the quality of care benefits considerably from close coordination between medical and developmental psychological methods and recommendations.

Neurofibromatosis: a familial disease

Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disease that can affect parts of the family or the entire family. It is often necessary to examine the family members (parents, siblings) too, and we also offer and provide this as part of the interdisciplinary sessions.

Specific services

  • Comprehensive, regular preventive medical check-ups including abdominal ultrasound
  • Paediatric neurological examination and development diagnosis
  • Paediatric ophthalmological and paediatric orthopaedic appointment in-house
  • Genetic diagnosis and advice
  • Paedo-audiological diagnosis and treatment (e.g. acoustic perception disorders, speech and language disorders)
  • ADHD diagnosis and treatment
  • Clarification of autism spectrum disorders
  • Diagnosis and treatment for combined school performance problems and learning disorders
  • Occupational therapy and physiotherapeutic diagnosis and treatment
  • Hand function diagnosis and training
  • Gait analysis and training
  • Clinical and basic scientific research

How can I register?

Telephone | +49(0)89 71009-240
e-mail | spz(at)kbo.de