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Patientin bei Lauftraining im Gangroboter

What is the Lokomat®?

The Lokomat® is a robot-controlled gait orthosis that automates gait training on the treadmill and considerably increases the efficiency of treadmill training. The Lokomat® supports the patient in walking using computer-aided sensor and drive technology.
Depending on the patient's individual capabilities, the Lokomat® facilitates completely passive to active walking with or without taking the weight of the body.

What does Lokomat® therapy achieve?

The positive effect of targeted, regular Lokomat® therapy on independent mobility has been determined in adult stroke and paraplegic patients.

Initial results for children with cerebral palsy seem to confirm this.

When is Lokomat® therapy used?

  • To improve uprightness and the ability to walk
  • To improve gait symmetry
  • To reduce spasticity
  • As a functional therapy supplement to physiotherapy or sEMG feedback
  • To improve vegetative functions
  • To prevent osteoporosis
  • To improve the motivation to move
  • To quantify the activity actually produced by the child

What does a Lokomat® therapy session involve?

  • Social and neuropaediatric case history and examination
  • Clinical examination of lower extremities
  • Individual adjustment of the Lokomat system to the patient
  • Carrying out the Lokomat® therapy depending on walking ability and loadbearing capacity, with taking of body weight and walking support by the equipment on the treadmill

When is it not possible to provide Lokomat® therapy?

  • The length of the thigh is less than 21 cm.
  • Clear difference in leg lengths
  • Hip dysplasia (>50%)
  • Severe osteoporosis
  • Body weight > 135 kg
  • Lack of cooperation
  • Unstable bone fractures
  • Upright walking prohibited because of serious illness or malformations
  • Serious skin disorders

How can I register?

Telephone | +49 89 71009-215
E-Mail | lokomotion-kinderzentrum(at)kbo.de