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Grafik einer instrumentellen Ganganalyse

Gait analysis

What is instrumented gait analysis?

Instrumented three-dimensional gait analysis is a technical diagnostic procedure for the objective documentation of the human gait pattern which has been in use for decades in the USA. In the kbo-Kinderzentrum München, instrumented gait analysis is deployed as a routine investigation to determine therapy and monitor progress in the case of complex gait disorders and for the targeted provision of suitable aids. The focus is on walking as the elementary form of human locomotion. Gait analysis helps to improve mobility and thus social integration by contributing to better planning of the individual therapy strategy, in close cooperation between kinesiologists, doctors and therapists.

What is the function of intrumented gait analysis?

Instrumented gait analysis expands the subjective assessment of gait by doctors and physiotherapists.

The eye can only perceive deviations in the gait pattern from the norm to a limited extent. The advantage of a computer-aided three-dimensional method is that it can precisely capture the non-visible functions (muscle coordination, muscle contraction, joint loading, foot pressure distribution, etc.).

Depending on the problem, various different methods can be used, which examine movement and muscle activation behaviour and joint forces.

In this way, deviations from the healthy gait pattern can be detected and causes deduced.

What does gait analysis involve?

  • Sticking reflective markers on defined points on the body
  • Walking several times along an 8 m long walking distance in the gait laboratory
  • Clinical examination of the locomotor system

Depending on the problem

  • 3D analysis of the gait pattern (VICON infrared 12-camera system)
  • Measurement of muscle activation (Myon 16-channel electromyography)
  • Recording of joint loading (AMTI force measuring plate)
  • Pedobarography (ZEBRIS foot pressure distribution)
  • Special video diagnosis (Dartfish video analysis)

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