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Mitarbeiterin Kliniken des Bezirks Oberbayern

Why I like working here

Interview with our occupational therapist Luca Korndoerfer


What makes working as an occupational therapist in the kbo-Kinderzentrum so special?


One of the things that particularly appeals is the interdisciplinary work and collaboration between the various therapy departments and the doctors and psychologists. In addition, you can carry on learning through internal advanced training courses.

Above all, I like the variety and the individual goals of each child and their families. At the moment, I'm particularly enjoying working with the children on the climbing wall and the hand robot.


What has been your personal highlight to date of working with your young patients and their parents?

I'm always pleased when the families leave the KIZ satisfied and with new perspectives and ideas. Seeing the individual progress made and actively contributing to it is just lovely.


What role does team work have to play in your department?

In our team, every colleague has a main specialism and so our discussions are particularly valuable. The great thing is that alongside fixed team times there is always room for spontaneous chats and team get-togethers. I benefit most of all from the knowledge of colleagues with more professional experience.