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Mitarbeiterin Kliniken des Bezirks Oberbayern

Why I like working here

Interview with our Montessori therapist Barbara Karlowitsch


What makes working as a Montessor therapist in the kbo-Kinderzentrum so special?


The individual work in the outpatient and in-patient departments means that the work is varied and interesting. In both the individual and the group therapy, you can engage with the children individually and strengthen their social skills. The parents are involved some of the time and can continue with the ideas at home.


What has been your personal highlight to date of working with your young patients and their parents?

As a person affected by disability myself, I can sometimes empathise completely with the parents and understand them. It often happens that parents pour out their hearts to me and we find a degree of support in talking together.


What role does team work have to play in your department?

Interdisciplinary collaboration is very important for me. Interaction between the therapists, doctors and psychologies plus nursing staff and assistants helps with therapy planning and is a valuable part of my day-to-day work.