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Children may be admitted into either the parent-child ward or to the paediatric ward at kbo-Kinderzentrum München clinic. The treatment spectrum includes somatic and psychic symptoms and physical disabilities and physical, mental and psycho-dynamic problems which result from this.

In both wards physicians, psychologists, therapists and nursing staff care for the young patients and their caregivers in teams. As in the social paediatric centre paediatricians and qualified psychologists assume a coordinating role in diagnosis and treatment planning (tandem idea).

Patients and their families profit from the centre's diverse diagnostic and treatment spectrum. Individual optimal problem solutions must constantly be aimed for in the process. Therefore, the measures are best coordinated with each other in order to correspond to the child's needs.

In addition to professional and organisational competency the need-oriented and empathetic support of families in their specific living situation is a matter close to our hearts. Room for listening, consolation and strengthening hope can therefore not only be found at the pastoral care in the Kinderzentrum. Encounters and the exchange between severely affected families among each other can be of great importance too.

Infants, small and preschool children, school-age children as well as older children and adolescents can be cared for in both wards.