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SPC Treatment Spectrum

  • Developmental after-care of premature babies and newborns with risk factors.
  • Epilepsy and seizure-suspect events.
  • Disturbances such as excessive crying of infants (crybabies), early childhood regulatory disorders, relational disorders and sleep disturbances as well as feeding disorders, eating disorders and the failure to thrive and the consequent psycho-social disorders and threats to the child's well-being -"Munich clinic for crybabies".
  • Neurological and neuromuscular disorders, for instance cerebral palsy and myopathy.
  • Genetic Disorders, for instance chromosomal disorders, dysmorphic syndrome.
  • Cognitive-neurological disorders, for instance partially impaired brain capacity, s/p. Traumatic brain injury, mental retardation (learning and intellectual disabilities)
  • Speech development disorders, hearing disorders.
  • Sensory Disorders (hearing- and vision disorders).
  • Psycho-social disorders as a result of familial and societal situations of endangerment

Combined school achievement disturbances with complex neuro-psychological and cognitive abnormalities associated with diverse psychosocial burdens.