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The Social Paediatric Centre (SPC)

The SPC at kbo-Kinderzentrum München is an important place to go for parents and caregivers who have questions about the development of their child. It specialises in the early diagnosis and treatment of impending or manifest disabilities/multi-handicaps and developmental disorders.  

Parents generally register their child due to a referral by a registered paediatrician, or by paediatric clinics and less often by physicians from other disciplines (SPC registration sheet).

All registered patients initially receive a medical history questionnaire and are asked for already existing findings. In this way, duplicate examinations are avoided and the diagnostic and therapeutic resources of kbo-Kinderzentrum München are used purposefully. As a rule each child or each adolescent is initially presented at the SPC. Specific indications apply to an inpatient admission.

How is your child's development examined?

The development of children is very complex. Therefore, it is important that the examination of a child takes places from a number of perspectives.

A fixed team is appointed for each child. This team is made of one particularly qualified paediatrician and one professional specially trained qualified psychologist ("physician/psychologist tandem"). They coordinate various measures as a team in order to guarantee the optimal diagnostic and therapeutic care of the child. They make decisions together with patients and their families and accompany them continuously.

The basis of the diagnosis forms the paediatric/paediatric neurological and developmental psychological diagnosis. This is supplemented by additional diagnostic measures in other centre speciality departments.

All findings are summarized and evaluated by the physician/psychologist tandem. An individual treatment plan is created for the respective child on this basis.

What role do parents and families play in diagnosis and treatment?

Social paediatrics is oriented toward the individual resources of the child and his/her family and towards the strengths of the child's social environment. The goal is to find out which strengths and personal qualities of the child, parents and family contribute as a whole to positively coping with the disability and its impact on social integration.

The parents/caregivers are intimately included in the therapeutic process. Therapeutic concepts are oriented towards the parents' everyday life. The goal is for parents to regain their skills in dealing with their disabled child.

New burdens and difficult decision situations may arise at various stages of the disabled child's life. Therefore, the social paediatric centre strives for long-term support of the family. The basic team composed of the paediatrician and qualified psychologists guarantees long-term care for the observation of the child's development and the continuous support of the family.