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The Centre

An outpatient clinic and clinic, research and training, advanced training and continuing education as well as a Montessori kindergarten and Montessori schools with special education day-care centres are combined under one roof at kbo-Kinderzentrum München.  


The Kinderzentrum was founded by Prof. Doctor Honoris, Theodor Hellbrügge, MD in 1968. Due to his decades of paediatric development research new knowledge was acquired for the early diagnosis, early treatment and early social integration of multiply and variously disabled children. A gap was supposed to be closed with the foundation of the Children’s Centre Munich which was urgently needed to provide care of children with special needs. The various facilities of the Kinderzentrum were spread across the city for many years. The outpatient clinic was located in Lindwurmstraße, the clinic in Nymphenburg and the kindergartens and schools in Sendling and in the Olympic Centre. 

After a long struggle with the relevant ministries and authorities Prof. Hellbrügge was able to establish a new building in Großhadern. The modern building complex in Heiglhofstraße in which all facilities were combined was finished in 1987. Prof. Hellbrügge was the director of Kinderzentrum München until his retirement in 1990. During this time numerous subsidiary centres have been built in Germany and throughout the world using the Children's Centre Munich as a model.

Prof. Hubertus von Voß, MD became the successor as medical director of the Children's Centre Munich in 1990. He expanded the Kinderzentrum further and chaired it until his retirement in 2008. Kurt Vock, MD was the medical director from 2008 until 2009, Michael-Andor Marton, MD temporarily headed the Kinderzentrum from 2009 until 2011 and Prof. Volker Mall, MD, professor of social paediatrics, has been the new medical director since 2012.

Over the years several big changes have taken place. Thus the Montessori kindergarten and Montessori schools with special education day-care centres were outsourced and are now supported by a supporting association. The Deutsche Akademie für Entwicklungsförderung und Gesundheit des Kindes und Jugendlichen e.V. [German Academy for Child and Youth Development Support and Health registered association] was also outsourced. The Kinderzentrum itself was transformed into a non-profit limited company in 2009 in the course of restructuring the Upper Bavaria district facilities.

kbo-Kinderzentrum München today

Kinderzentrum München gemeinnützige GmbH is composed of the social paediatric centre (outpatient clinic) and the specialist hospital for social paediatrics and developmental rehabilitation.  The subsidiary of the Upper Bavaria District hospitals - kbo  has been transformed in 2011 and is now called kbo-Kinderzentrum München.

The board of directors is comprised of Mr. Alexander Lechner as Chief Executive Officer, Prof. Volker Mall, MD as medical director and Ms. Ute Schmitz as temporary nursing director.

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The social paediatric centre, the outpatient clinic, is the largest specialised diagnostic and treatment outpatient centre in Germany and treats more than 11,000 children per year. Tasks encompass systematic developmental paediatric and developmental psychological examination, development of treatment plans and accompanying children and their families.

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Children, who require an inpatient stay due to more serious disorders and due to the multiple burdens which develop as a result, are treated at the specialist hospital for social paediatrics and developmental rehabilitation, which comprises 40 beds (children and parent-child wards). Often both the child and the parents or even the whole family need professional support and guidance .

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kbo-Kinderzentrum München also operates a social paediatric centre (SPC) at the Schwabing location in cooperation with the Kinderklinik München Schwabing [Munich Schwabing Children's Clinic].

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Kinderzentrum München cooperates with the chair of social paediatrics at the Technical University Munich, the only chair for social paediatrics in Germany, for the optimum exchange between medical research and practice. The medical director of the Kinderzentrum is also a professor at the very same chair.

As a cooperation partner of kbo-Kinderzentrum München the Theodor-Hellbrügge-Stiftung [Theodor-Hellbrügge Foundation] dedicates itself to the dissemination of the programs for early diagnosis, early treatment and early social integration, developed at kbo-Kinderzentrum München. Furthermore programs for the training, advanced training and continuing education of qualified employees in Germany and abroad and for the funding for the construction of new Kinderzentrums as well as the funding of teaching and research in the field of developmental rehabilitation are disseminated (www.theodor-hellbruegge-stiftung.de).