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Sozialpädiatrische Zentrum (SPZ) Großhadern


The kbo-Kinderzentrum München is made up of the outpatient SPZ (Sociopaediatric Centre) and the Specialist Sociopaediatric Clinic and is a subsidiary of the kbo (Upper Bavarian Clinics).


We have specialised for over 50 years in the early diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders and imminent or existing disabilities or multiple disabilities.

Experts in children's and young people's health and in psychology, therapy, social and therapeutic education work together with dedication on individual concepts of diagnosis and treatment at the cutting edge of scientific developments. 
We offer families advice, treatment and specialist support in order to achieve or maintain integration in society and thus participation in everyday life for the children and young people in our care.

What makes us special?

  • We are the first sociopaediatric centre in the world to work on an interdisciplinary basis.
  • In the SPZ, we treat around 12,500 children and their families each year.
  • Parents are systematically included in diamosis and treatment.
  • Our focus is on early development and integration.
  • We support families in the long term until the transition to adulthood. We clarify the causes of developmental and behavioural disorders

What are the main focal areas of our work?

  • Investigations relating to developmental neurology, neuropaediatrics and developmental psychology
  • Assessing the prognosis for developmental and behavioural disorders
  • Diagnosing therapy indications and carrying out treatments and support measures, and assessing their effectiveness
  • Assistance with social integration and integration in nursery school and school
  • Supporting measures for assisting integration
  • Advising and supporting parents to promote parenting skills
  • Support in overcoming chronic illnesses

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